Marko Ciciliani
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Pop Wall Alphabet
Transmedia work with 4.5 hours of music, 27 images and 26 algorithmically generated texts (book with 311 pages and data-DVD).

Pop Wall Alphabet by Marko Ciciliani comprises 26 pieces, each of which takes a well-known album—by groups and artists such as Abba, Eminem, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and U2—and subjects it to extensive treatment involving superimposition of all of the album’s tracks in addition to various ‘spectral freezes’, created through a process that randomises the sound data of each track. The results are astounding, a cross between a scientific analysis and a new kind of sound art, in which a fascinating noise-based ‘distillation’ of each album emerges, clarifying aspects of timbre, gesture, dynamic range and so on while at the same time playing with aspects of memory and the way the brain imagines it is hearing things that are not actually present. It’ll knock you sideways. In addition to sound, Pop Wall Alphabet also comprises a sequence of visual images and texts that undergo similar processes on the album artwork and song lyrics. The complete work takes the form of a sumptuous hardback book, containing the images and texts plus a pair of essays by Ciciliani and myself, with an accompanying DVD containing the sound files. I cannot recommend it highly enough. (Simon Cummings, 5against4 blog)

Promo self release 2015


Jeanne of the Dark
for 4 performers, performed by Bakin Zub 49 minutes

1. Vampire
2. Eroticism
3. Canibalism
4. Vamp

Jeanne of the Dark is an exploration of the image of the Vamp. Rather than tell a story, Marko Ciciliani has created an unconventional artwork that derives its imagery and its sound world from a range of reference points transgressing stylistic and cultural boundaries, from vampire movies to eroticism, from heavy metal to cannibalism. The stereotype of the vamp – the seductive but dangerous woman, man-eater, femme fatale, inseparable from the dualistic male view of the female as virgin/whore – is teased out and recontextualised, and a consuming process of attraction and repulsion is set in motion for the listener/viewer. (Bob Gilmore)

Released in January 2011 by Ahornfelder/Germany


81 matters in elemental order
Marko Ciciliani -no-input mixer solo 58 minutes

'81 matters in elemental order' is a composition for no-input mixer solo which consists of 81 tracks – of 4 up to 90 seconds in length – that should be played back in shuffle mode. Each time the CD is played back, the composition's elements are therefore put in a new, unique order. The tracks are poetic translations of the molecular characteristics of chemical elements, adjusted for the untamed circuits of the mixing board.

Released in March 2008 by Evil Rabbit Records/Amsterdam


Voor het hooren geboren
Chamber music performed by ensemble Intégrales

"Voor het hooren geboren" (2001) 16:28
"KörperKlang" (2003) 12:44
"Matrosen, Lepreakranke, Opiumraucher, Spione. Mit so 'ner Familiengeschichte, wie haben wir da wa anderes werden können als Schlampen? (2002) 19:10
"Signboard – Billboard" (2004) 7:46
"Gartenmusik" (1999) 14:27

Released in January 2006 by Coviello Classics/Germany

"The musical worlds created in each piece have consistencu and transparency to them, though they do not follow the usual aesthetic rules and practices of accepted taste; rather they seem to appear as some kind of hiatus in western contemporary music. As if someone from another time and civilisation had found a manuscript and was brilliantly failing to recreate how music in the early part of the 21st century might have been." Yannis Kyriakides

ensemble Intégrales
Barbara Lüneburg - violin, viola
Burkhard Friedrich - saxophone
Stefan Kohmann - percussion
Claudia Birkholz - piano


"Tullius Rooms"
for piano solo

large scale composition for piano, electronics and soundscapes
(1999/2000) 78:27

Josh Dillon – piano
Marko Ciciliani – electronics, inside piano

Coproduction with Radio Bremen
Released in May 2003 by Unsounds/Amsterdam

"Not the type of CD you will find in your mall's CD store or even in the more eclectic sections of the privately owned music store. For the classical connoisseur familiar with Xenakis, Stockhausen and Cage, this is an album to stimulate and invigorate the ears and mind. Contemporary classical vision is actualized through the meeting of acoustic instruments with carefully chosen electronics, manipulated with imagination and with a thorough knowledge of compositional craft. For the non-academic wishing to take a daring leap into a universe of limitless scope, "Tullius Rooms" is a frontier to experience." Tamara Turner CD Baby


"Bosch tapped the gas pedal and the caprice moved forward"

electronic opera by Marko Ciciliani and Jeff Kowalkowski 
(1995-2000) 62:27

released in February 2001 by No Harm Done/New York

"On the cutting edge of sound and music- innovative music by young composers with energy and enthusiasm for what they do." CD Baby

"Two sound-poets – a bilingual incantation – a 19th c ghost at the wheel – a ritual to begin the new millennium." Pauline Oliveros


Compilations – DVDs:

"Wapon of Choice – Barbara Lüneburg"
"Alias" (21 minutes)

Barbara Lüneburg – electric violin, Marko Ciciliani – live-electronics, laser, lighting

recorded at ZKM, Kalrsruhe in 2010

released by Ahornfelder/Germany


Compilations – CDs:

"Palavras e Sons"
"Dromomania (job of dying's done)" (10 minutes)

recorded in 1492Hz/Vienna

released by LMElindo/São Paolo


"Reciprocity – Nico Couck"
"All of Yesterday's Parties" (13 minutes)

recorded in 2013 at Champ d'Action Studio, Antwerp
Nico Couck (voice and guitar) & Marko Ciciliani (electronics)

released by Champ d'Action, Antwerp


"Etude gone Badum – Håkon Stene"
"Black Horizon" (21 minutes)

recorded in 2011 at ELAK/Vienna
Håkon Stene, Marko Ciciliani – electric table-top guitars

Released by Ahornfelder/Germany


"Kofomi #7"
"Zwischenraumstudie" (5 minutes)

recorded in 2009 at KomponistInnenforum Mittersill
Ensemble Reconsil

Released by Ein-Klang Records/Austria


"Anthology of Dutch Electronic Musik"
Excerpt from "Map of Marble" (7 minutes out of 79)

recorded in 2005 at Steim
Jannie Pranger (voice), Arnold Marinissen (perc.) & Marko Ciciliani (electronics)


"Test Tone Anthology"
Improvisation with Yoshio Machida 7 minutes

recorded in 2008 at Super Deluxe Tokyo
released by Medama Records/Tokyo


"Jorge Isaac Solo"

Marko Ciciliani "Quartz Stalagnat" (2006) 18 minutes

Jorge Isaac – recorder
released by Electroshock/Moscow


"European Young Generation"

Marko Ciciliani "KörperKlang" (2003) 13 minutes

ensemble Intégrales
released by Zeitklang Records/Berlin


"Music for Baby"

Marko Ciciliani "Pavillon" (2000) 5 minutes

Barbara Lüneburg violin/violas
Doris Hochscheid violoncello
Meinrad Kneer double-bass

released by Amorphon/Tokyo


"Kraakgeluiden, Document 1"
Improvisation with Yannis Kyriakides, Lucio Capece and Yoshio Machida

recorded in 1999 at Kraakgeluiden Amsterdam 10 minutes

released by Unsounds/Amsterdam
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PWAPop Wall Alphabet 2011-2015
Transmedia work with 4.5 hours of music, 27 images and 26 algorithmically generated texts

Jeanne CD
Jeanne of the Dark 2008
performed by Bakin Zub

CD- 81 matters  for no-input mixer81 matters in elemental order 2007
no-input mixer solo

CD-voor het hooren geboren

Ensemble Intégrales Coviello Classics COV 60601 - review (German)

Tullius RoomsTULLIUS ROOMS 2001- unsounds
No Harm done