'Dromomania' for two pianos, electronics and lightdesign ~40', 2009

In the composition Dromomania, travelling represents the modern metaphor for the ephemerality of being, which was the traditional theme of the Still Life in Renaissance painting. Through technology today’s travelling times have shrunk from matters of months to hours. However, the frequent traveller has thereby become the passenger of a transitory space, suspended between departure and arrival point, in often crowded but nevertheless uninhabited transit zones like airports, train stations or bullet-shaped vehicles. The ease of travelling tends to turn the arrival point into just another transit zone, and the traveller into a displaced subject – liberated from a stationary existence but also alienated through the lack of arrival. The frequent voyager experiences the temporality of space and location and how the profanity of travelling can turn metaphysical. Metaphorically speaking, the trip becomes a Still Life in incessant motion.

Domomania was premiered by Sonsoles Alonso and Moritz Eggert on November14, 2009 at the Novembermusic Festival in Den Bosch.