'Heterotopolis' for violin/modular synthesiser, bariton guitar/fretless bass, digital synthesis, lighting and laser (laser design: Marcel Bühler) 2011/12. duration: 56'

Heterotopolis is the most recent work written for Bakin Zub.

In this work the audience is sitting in a circular setup, while the three musicians are positioned around them on three seperate podia. In the center of the setup the laser beamer is projected which is pointing upwards to a screen that is suspended above the audience. The screen is circular and built of three semi-transparent layers. The laser projections that hit the screen become visible on all three layers, creating a three-dimensional sense of depth in the projected image.

The music was produced with 4th order ambisonics, which meanse that the audience is also surrounded by a hemispheric arrangement of speakers. Combined with the visual setup of the space, a cave-like situation is created on which walls the sounds are crawling and which ceiling is 'painted' with laser graphics. Sub-terrestrial cultures was als the source of inspiration for this work, that on one hand draws ideas from the paleolithic cave-paintings of Lascaux and the more contemporary graffity paintings in New York's subway tunnels. These locations – although seperated by 18.000years – are looked at as 'heterotopias' in the sense of Michel Foucault: quasi-utopian places that truly exist, which are focussed out of everyday live but nevertheless crucial for its functioning.

'Heterotopolis' was produced at the ZKM and premiered on November 10, 2012 with a 49 speaker setup in the Kubus of the ZKM. On November 14, 2012 a second performance followed in the Mumuth in Graz.

Special thanks to Villa Aurora Los Angeles/Berlin, IEM/Graz and Fonds Podiumkunsten.