'Lid of fade, metallic soot, to oscillate me, daffodil I+II'
part I:for voice, harpsichord and live electronics (SuperCollider); part II: for harpsichord and live electronics (SuperCollider). composed in 2002 duration approx. 23' (12' + 11')

The first part of this piece was premiered by Ayelet Harpaz (voice) and Anne Faulborn (harpsichord) in May 2002 in Theater Kikker in Utrecht/The Netherlands. The second part was premiered by Anne Faulborn in November 2002 in the Ysbreker in Amsterdam/NL. The electronic part of this composition consists of a program that composes a new version of the piece with every performance. While the overall form remains the same, the length-proportions of the different parts as well as the musical details turn out to be different every time. What the program (written in SuperCollider) does in "real-time", the singer and harpsichordist had to do before the performance: work out a personal version of the piece according to given musical materials and various rules. Thereby they had to take a number of musical decisions which allowed their musical taste to become part of the composition. The fist part of the piece is for voice, harpsichord and electronics, the second only for harpsichord and electronics. "Lid of fade, metallic soot, to oscillate me, daffodil I+II" is based on the myth of Echo and Narcissus. The build-up of the musical material is based on reflections, mirrorings and palindrome-like structures. The texts are taken from Ovid's "Metamorphosis".