'muzART' (solo version) for the Wendy Carlos Revival Orchestra, live electronics, lighting and video, ~20', 2010/2012

This is a solo adaptation of the work originally written for chamber orchestra. The reference to Wendy Carlos in the title refers to the synthsizer timbres that have partly been chosen for this piece and that were inspired by Carlos' arrangements of classical music as in 'Switched on Bach' or 'Clockwork Orange'.

muzART is based on the C-major piano sonata K.545 (sonata facile) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The original material was altered, layered and manipulated in many different ways. Not a single note was added by the composer. All musical material with the exception of the pre-produced recordings, is derived from the piano sonata.

muzART was motivated by my great admiration for Mozart's music but is also a commentary on the classical music industry, which is characterized by standardized mass-production not dissimilar to sale-oriented pop music, but while pretending to be of higher cultural and artistic value.