'My Ultradeep I' for e-guitar, e-bass, vln/vla, sopranino sax, didjeridu, perc., electronics and light ~65', 2006/2007

'My Ultradeep I' pursues the idea of individuality as the "in-divisible" entity in society. Individuality lies at the core of western culture where it holds the status of one of the most basic human rights. In this project the central underlying question is: To what degree is the uniqueness of an individuality truly authentic and in how far is it a product of unreflected influences and manipulations coming from the outside? "I think, therefore I am". This sentence lies at the core of Descarte’s philosophy, which is characteristic of the enlightment period. He places the identity of the “self” into the spiritual realm, detached from the body. However, it is the physical human senses that are forming the inter-face between the individual and the outside world and enable us to relate to our environment. It is through the differentiation to the other that the sense of the self is born. The piece starts out with a first block that is based on the five human senses: Skin, Smell, Taste, Hearing and Sight. The second block is based on the more nebulous 6th sense, which is here understood as a metaphysical sense of the "I".