'Spice Melange' for clarinet/bass-clarinet, trumpet, tuba or contrabass-clarinet, piano, percussion, sampler, violin, cello and double-bass , duration: ~25’
three semlessly connecting sections: I. Bazar 6' II. Stimulus Progression 7' III. Melange12'

Premiered on November 16th, 2005 at the Novembermusic Festival in Gent/Belgium by Zeitkratzer. The Waltz is the symbol of Vienna of the 19th century. Three quarter-beats that put all of Europe in a state of ecstasy. But once you inject another eight note into this triad, the meter’s character suddenly jumps several hundred kilometers further east. It leaps into the orient where uneven meters are typical. But what about this slightly anticipated second beat in the Waltz? Is this also mirroring the same idea of beats that turn out to be somewhat too long or too short? The fickleness that propels the music? In 1529 and 1683 the border of the Ottoman Empire came forward all until the city walls of Vienna. Nowadays the negotiations of Turkeys partnership in the European Union are in process. A historic step that entails debates with tempers running high. 'Spice Melange' - the title was taken from Frank Herbert's science fiction classic 'Dune' where the melange is a highly desired drug with the capacity of altering consciousness and prolonging life – fluctuates between the orient and the waltz. A silent song and a cartoon are accompanying the music.