'Starring: Peater Mallet' for three percussionists, approx. 40',1994/95
instruments: player 1: glockenspiel and metal-plate; player 2: vibraphone; player 3: marimba, 2 shime-taikos and o-daiko

This piece was premiered on the 30th of May 1995 in the Studio 10 by the NDR (North-German Radio) in Hamburg/Germany. The percussionists were Frank Polter, Claudio von Hassel and Rüdiger Funk. 'Starring: Peater Mallet' was the main part of a portrait concert of Marko Ciciliani within the series "Das Neue Werk" in the NDR. It was recorded by the NDR and broadcasted. My major concern in this piece was the general question of balance in regards to form, as well as material and texture. Investigating this in an expanded time-frame lead me to various approaches to groupings, instrumentation and registration. This trio is in a continual flux between states of counter-action and reconciliation.