'Suicidal Self Portraits' for voice/e-violin, percussion, electronics and video, 2007-2014 , 60'

'Suicidal Self Portraits' is a cycle of four loosely connected works:

'Crash' for a singing percussionist, 2007 (see Solo Works)
'Going to Hell' for voice/e-violin, percussion and electronics 2009 (see Chamber Works)
'All of Yesterday's Parties' for voice, electric guitar and electronics, 2010 (see Solo Works) and
'Screaming my Simian Line' for voice/e-violin, percussion and electronics, 2010 (see Chamber Works)

A fifth and concluding work has been commissioned by the Deutschlandfunk an will be premiered with the rest of the cycle at Forum Neue Musik Deutschlandfunk 2014.

All the pieces are exploring fetishizations of media that result in some sort of re-start of a person's life, be it through revelations of inner truths and secrets or indulgences in obsessions. The reference to 'suicide' in the title is therefore not to be understood as a termination of someone's life but rather as the reinvention of a person.

The individual pieces are bridged with short video interludes that function as commercial spots.