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    Marko Ciciliani
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Marko Ciciliani regularly performs with a repertoire of solo works for live-electronics and live-video or other media. In his most recent work he is interested in using visuals as an extension of the performer by reflecting the performer's actions in the visual design and thereby giving it a strong sense of liveness. At the same time he also seeks to use the visuals as an autonomous element that places itself in varying relationships to the music and complements it in varying degrees.

Since 2011 Ciciliani is working on a new solo program, consisting of a number of compositions for various electronics setups, projections, lighting and laser. The most recent piece is "Via" (2015) which was premiered in March 2015. In this piece Ciciliani explores elements from games in order to introduce a specific performative feel to it, which allows spontaneity within an environment of strict rules.

Ciciliani's most recent tours in 2015 took him to São Paolo, Brasilia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Yogyakarta.


Starting in 2000, for almost 10 years Ciciliani's primary performance medium was the mixing board 'sans instruments', using only feedback from the machine itself.

He has built a reputation of a virtuoso of the abstruse practice of playing a no-input mixer. Unlike the minimalist layerings that the no-input mixer became known for, Ciciliani gave very textured performances, allowing the cross- interference of feedback from the circuits grow into complex patterns. He performed on the no-input mixer with Fred Frith, Gordon Mumma, Roberto Fabbriciani, Axel Dörner and Sachiko M, amongst others. In March 2008 the Amsterdam-based label Evil Rabbit Records ( released Marko Ciciliani’s solo no-input mixer CD "81 matters in elemental order”. The CD consists of 81 tracks -- of 4 up to 90 seconds in length -- that should be played back in shuffle mode. Each time the CD is played back, the composition's elements are therefore put in a new, unique order. The tracks are poetic translations of the molecular characteristics of chemical elements, adjusted for the untamed circuits of the mixing board.

This CD marked the end of Ciciliani's activity as a performer of the no-input mixer. Nowadays he tours with a solo repertoire of audiovisual works (see above)



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